Holiday Raffle

Dear ATA-DC Members and Friends,

We would like to thank all ATA-DC members for their overwhelming interest in our holiday raffle. Here is the list of raffle winners:

$100 Visa Gift Card - Darrell Zimmerman
$50 Agora Gift Card - Wendy Grieder
$50 Ezme Gift Card - Mustafa Akkoyunlu
$30 Rosemary Thymes Gift Card - Itir Karaesmer Aydin
$25 Acacia Bistro Gift Card - Esra Kalci
$25 Levantes Gift Card - Serpil Karakaya
Turkish Cuisine Cookbook – Demet Bayezit Sabzevari
Turkish Coffee Cups 1 - Emel Yildirim
Turkish Coffee Cups 2 - Zekiye Karatoprak
Decorative Turkish Plates 1 - Orhan Suleiman
Decorative Turkish Plates 2 - Pelin Gunay

We also extend our gratitude who joined Turkish Airlines ticket raffle to help raise money for children in Van and ATA-DC programs. 

Özge Övün Sert is the lucky winner of the Turkish Airlines economy roundtrip ticket to Istanbul

Many children in Van province of Turkey are still suffering from the damage of the devastating earthquake that hit the area two years ago. Every $10 of your donation will help BTF to buy a coat for a child in Van whereas the rest of your donations will benefit ATA-DC’s educational programs such as Atatürk School for our kids and Teachers’ Workshop, which aims to educate American teachers on Turkey.

Winners will receive their gifts next week. We congratulate all the holiday raffle winners and thank all members for their tremendous support to ATA-DC!

Turkish Cuisine Tales Ramadan Event - July 12, 3024

Please come join us for an exclusive Turkish Cuisine Tales event and Ramadan iftar dinner on July 12th to share the joy of this holy month! Through this iftar meal, people, families and community members will come together celebrating different cultures and faiths. Click here for more details....

ATA-DC’s “Solidarity with Soma” Relief Fund reached $25K

Led by the American Turkish Association of Washington DC (ATA-DC), “Solidarity with Soma” Relief Fund collected $25K in less than a month for the families and children of miners who lost their lives in a tragic accident in Soma, Manisa, Turkey. The donation campaign is supported widely by the Turkish-American community, major local organizations and the United Mine Workers of America.

As a part of the donation campaign, ATA-DC held a fundraiser on Saturday, June 7 in the residence of Fatma-Ibrahim Polat in Ashburn, VA to commemorate workers who were killed in the devastating mine accident. In the event, ATA-DC Board of Directors, community members and the representatives of local Turkish and American organizations came together. United Mine Workers of America also announced a donation of $5,000 to the relief fund in the event and gave a message of support and solidarity for the families and children of mine workers in Turkey. 

ATA-DC provided a %50 percent match from its own funds for $15,000 of all donations collected through its Solidarity with Soma Relief Fund, which launched on May 14. The funds collected will be distributed to the families affected by the Soma incident through the Turkish Philanthropy Fund, who has years of experience working with various local and national partners during disasters in Turkey.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for leading Turkish and American organizations who contributed to our campaign with their generous donations:

Atatürk Society of America
Bridge to Türkiye Fund VA
Washington Turkish Women’s Association
United Mine Workers of America

Read the United Mine Workers of America’s message here: 

We are happy to make this donation, though extremely saddened by the reason for it.  It takes a special kind of person to dare to go into the bowels of the earth and bring out the substance which provides electricity, heat and power for billions of people on our planet. It does not matter where a coal miner lives; we are all bound by a common sense of duty to our families, our nations and our world. Coal miners are all brothers and sisters, where ever we are on Earth.

Decades ago, coal miners in the United States were confronted with dangerous, deadly working conditions. Explosions and fires killed hundreds at a time, just as happened at the Soma mine. It took years of struggle to win the kind of safety and health laws and regulations we have in place today in the United States. It is our hope that our fellow miners and their organizations in Turkey will have the opportunity to do the same there.

Lastly, let us not forget the families of the victims of this tragedy. Wives have lost husbands, daughters and sons have lost fathers, parents have lost sons. They had plans for the future that have now been ripped away, never to be realized. This donation and others will help, but the pain and dislocation of their loss will be with them for the rest of their lives. They will need help not just next week or next month, but years from now. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers, and take steps to see to it that no other families in Turkey or anywhere else ever have to suffer like this again.


On May 13th, one of the worst and deadliest coal mine disasters in Turkey’s history hit Soma, a western province of Manisa, resulting in the loss of 301 lives. Thoughts and prayers of the Turkish American community go out to the miners and their families affected by this devastating disaster.
Through our community's support, ATA-DC's Soma Disaster Relief Community Campaign has raised more than $5,000 since May 14. ATA-DC Board of Directors thank our community members for their generous donations and for putting their trust in ATA-DC.
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April 23rd International Children's Day Celebration & Turkish Cuisine Tales Cultural Series

ATA-DC President and Volunteers Receive Cultural Sustainability Award

We are delighted to announce that Turkish Coffee Truck Project powered by ATA-DC volunteers, received the distinguished 'IRO 2013 Cultural Sustainability Award' from the Istanbul Tourist Guides Union (Istanbul Rehberler Odası) on February 21, 2014 in Istanbul.

Istanbul Tourist Guides Union conducted an online contest between February 10-17th. Listed under ATA-DC President  Gizem Salcigil White's name, the famous Turkish Coffee Truck was voted winner over Mimar Sinan University's Art Center. Last year's winner was Turkish Cultural Center.

Ms. Laura Maddux, a board member of the American Turkish Association of Washington DC, accepted the prestigious award behalf of ATA-DC and thanked the Union and the audience for the recognition. Also present and representing the Turkish Coffee Truck was Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi, the oldest coffee ground maker in Turkey, who has sponsored the project since 2011.

Gizem Salcigil White said; “This award belongs to the hardworking ATA-DC volunteers and everyone who contributed their support to the Turkish Coffee Truck project. Together we will continue to spread our love of Turkish Coffee Culture around the world."

More information (in Turkish) can be found HERE

Please click HERE to watch the award ceremony

Meet our new Board Members, Programs Coordinator and Vice President!

We are delighted to present to you our new board members; Mrs. Gamze Ergur and Mrs. Beverly Godwin. They have both worked for the Turkish Festival committee over the past few years and now they are on board to serve our community better. Ms. Gulperi Salman is also a dedicated volunteer of ATA-DC and joined our organization as programs coordinator last December.

It is also our great pleasure to announce Mr. Sitki Kazanci as the new ATA-DC Vice President. He is the Publications Committee Chair and the editor of the ATANews magazine that will be mailed to our ATA-DC members this month. We wish them all success in their new positions!

Last but not least, we would like to thank our outgoing VP Mrs. Dilek Cobanoglu for her hard work and commitment over the past years. We are lucky that she has agreed to remain on the board. We also thank outgoing board members Mrs. Judy Singer and Mrs. Ozlem Al for their excellent service during their time on board.

Please visit HERE to see a list of ATA-DC board members and full bios


Current Events:

Currently, there are no upcoming event is listed, stay tuned for the new comers.
Turkish women received the rights to vote and to be elected to office in 1934, earlier than Swiss, Greek, Italian and French women. Turkey is the largest producer of hazelnuts in the world. St. Nicholas known as Santa Claus, was born and lived as bishop of Myra (Kale) in Turkey.